Scott finishing first marathon in Atlanta March 2009.

Meet Group Leader

Hi, I am Scott Flicker the group leader.  My wife is Michelle and we have one daughter, Kaitlyn.  We also have 2 dogs: Christopher and Obadiah.

I ran from the age of 6 through high school, but then took 16 years off and gained over 120 pounds.  In August of 2008, while sitting on the couch, I realized how out of shape I was and I made a commitment to start running again. Through high school I had wanted to run a marathon, and I needed a goal to get me started so, I signed up for the ING Atlanta Marathon to be run on March 29, 2009 (which I later was reminded was the date of my grandfather's passing, the one who originally introduced me to running and took me to many races).  I had 7 months to go from couch to completing a marathon. The 7 months of training were hard, with much time spent out on the roads.  I knew it would be a hard physical journey, but I did not know the spiritual journey it would become.  During those long hours on the road, my relationship with God grew tremendously as I prayed, worshipped, and talked with Him.  It was incredible!  I found while looking for a singlet or shirt to wear for the race.  I wore the singlet with Hebrews 12:1 on it for the marathon.  I finished the marathon in 4:13:41.  The finish was very emotional as thoughts of my journey, my grandfather, and my family overwhelmed me.  It was an awesome journey that took me to closeness with God that I did not know existed.  I have since run many races, including 6 more marathons, and I continue to grow in the Lord.  I hope to run the 2014 Boston Marathon, having qualified for the race at the Marine Corps Marathon in October 2013 with a time of 3:10:09.

My prayer is that I can encourage others to experience God in the same way.

Columbia SC Christian Runners

Scott at mile 10 of the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon where he ran a BQ of 3:10:09